Other Resources


Keeping your kids busy probably isn't the only thing you have to adjust to right now. Here's some other resources that may help during social distancing and school closures. None of these are sponsored, just stuff I knew about or found, so if you have suggestions, add to the list.

COVID-19 General Resources

This page from 510 families provides a lot of helpful tips on social distancing, dos and don'ts for play as well as tips on how to talk to your kids (though chances are their friends already did it - my toddler came home from preschool the other day yelling "CORONAVIRUS"). Ignore all the bay area specific items...unless you're in the bay area, of course.

Do you just want to know more about the risks to kids associated with COVID-19? Visit the CDCs page  

Coronavirus resource kit - a comprehensive set of resources for all things coronavirus related. 

Sample Schedules

This sample summer schedule also contains lots of suggestions for how to fill the days. Much of this page is focused on some summer related items that don't pertain here but still could be helpful for some.

Another summer schedule, this one focuses more on the schedule itself.  as well as some good suggestions keeping learning going.

For a variety of thoughts, on schedules, you can visit this old but helpful homeschooling forum thread.


Not used to doing three meals a day at home every day? Here are some good places to find easy, healthy, kid-friendly recipes.

Super Healthy Kids - From babies to instant pot to hidden veggies, Super Healthy Kids has you covered.

Momables Easiest Kid-Friendly Recipes - Its a bit of a slog to get through the upfront content but there's a lot of good recipes towards the bottom of the page.

Snacks!Snacks!Snacks! - 50 easy to make kid snacks.

Just can't handle the food on top of everything else? You can try Yumble, a kid-food subscription service or you can just put your kids to work making their own food.