Video Playdates


Looking for ways to keep your kids connected to their friends? We've got you covered


Running into issues with video call compatibility, like you have FaceTime but other parents don't? Here's some tools that anyone can download and use:

Google Duo

A simple, free video calling app 

What's App

Not only free but can be used with friends all over the world. We've been talking to our cousins in Italy to keep everyone sane.


You can use skype from your phone, tablet or your computer, which can be great if you have an extra computer for your kids. You can also do many kids at once.

Only have a computer?

Zoom (basic plan is free - 40 minute limit on meetings) and Google Hangouts/Meet are easy, free options. Both will let your kids meet with multiple friends.


Here are some links to games and other activities that can be played on a video playdate.

List of games and activities directed at grandparents. This is meant for grandparents but a lot of these are applicable to anyone.

List of games for adults but a lot of these work for kids too. 

Reading books together - An adult is needed for this but Caribu works great, kids can also draw and do other simple activities.

Draw - many of the video meeting apps have whiteboards and other on screen drawing tools that the kids can use.

Staring Contest - Remember this game? Both players begin by closing their eyes, and at the count of three, open both eyes and stare into the screen. Whoever blinks first loses!

Dance and Song Party - Crank the music and let kids on both sides dance and take turns singing while a parent holds the camera.